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4SDP offers sophisticated crankshaft deflection tool

Most engineers are familiar with the importance of regular checks on diesel engine crankshafts and cylinder liner. The old dial gauge for crankshaft alignment checks were time-consuming, unpleasant, dirty and gave uncertain accuracy.

By using the electronic deflection tool supplied by 4SDP, the task will be much easier and the accuracy will be improved.
Many of our satisfied customers are pleased with this latest state-of-art tool which also has the possibility to connect the ovality kit to check the cylinder liner ovality and wear comparison.
Transfer the data to your PC to evaluate and compare, with graphs and printouts and export the data to Excel to make a great report!

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Crankshaft defl meter

Unique Engine Monitoring System

Operation and maintenance managers as well as condition monitoring experts are constantly challenged to increase revenue, reduce costs and risks.

More companies are turning to 24/7 predictive maintenance to improve the effectiveness of their workforce, while reducing downtime.

Our company, 4 Stroke Diesel Parts, can help operation and maintenance managers of power plants as well as ship management with the supply of a unique Engine Monitoring System which is  the answer to the above stated challenge.

The condition based monitoring system is able to identify potential developing faults whilst the engine is in service. This engine monitoring system is the cornerstone of predictive maintenance and complements scheduled maintenance programs, by enabling longer intervals between overhauls. The system helps to reduce damages, unnecessary maintenance activity and thus helps to minimize costs of any repairs.

The monitoring system is a continuous measuring instrument that monitors the status, health and efficiency of a running combustion engine, by measuring the torsional vibrations in the engine. The system is intended to recognize functional deviations in the running engine in order to measure the engine’s mechanical and thermal health.

Monitoring also reduces the amount of fuel use due to engine efficiency monitoring. Adding our engine monitoring system to your combustion engines will also increase the life-span of the machinery.

Some benefits of this unique system :

  • Early detection prevents damages and consequential damages.
  • Monitoring increases the reliability of your engine
  • Reducing the amount of fuel use due to engine efficiency monitoring.
  • Maintenance based on engine performance, instead operating hours.
  • Increasing the life-span of a monitored engine.
  • Reducing downtime

If your are interested to learn more about our Engine Monitoring System we welcome your request via our e-mail or phone.

Shipment spares for power plant

On January 2016 our company was granted an impressive order for spare parts to be used  for the 24.000 hrs overhaul of a power plant.

For this power plant with several  Wartsila 18V38 engines which are running baseload and provide electricity for some mayor cities, the customer contacted us for our quotation. The extensive offer was made after accurate investigation and the sourcing of all components. We know our clients value the 24/7 availability of their asset ; we will never compromise on quality or safety of our spare parts, one of the main reasons this customer contacted us.

Due to our highly competitive pricing and short delivery times our customer decided to grant us this order

The packing of the approximate 1800 kg was done in specially ordered wooden export boxes which we further improved with an all plastic inside. This way weather influences and humidity changes during transport will not affect the valuable content of the shipment.

With several other orders to be delivered the coming weeks we started  2016 very well.

We deliver not only Wartsila spare parts for power plants but we also supply parts to internationally operating shipping companies and service & repair shops.

4 Stroke Diesel parts is your trusted partner for your Wartsila diesel engine parts and service requirements.

We are happy to serve you !

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